Find out what it is and if crossfit loses weight

From intense workouts that vary daily, crossfit is able to burn up to 1,000 calories in a single class. Discover all the benefits that this practice can bring to your health.


Crossfit loses weight, as it is a modality that has many physical exercises, including strength training, high-intensity aerobic and anaerobic activities. That’s why it’s very suitable for those who want to lose weight in a healthy and fast way.

This happens because, in addition to strength, the workout of the day, also known as WOD , is made up of functional exercises that result in great fat burning during your practice.

Crossfit is recommended for all types of people, but like any physical activity, it is necessary to go through an evaluation before starting, so you can start training more safely and without running any risk to your health.

Still in doubt? Check out how it works, its benefits and why crossfit loses weight.

After all, what is crossfit?

Focused on physical conditioning and endurance, initially this modality of physical activity was only present in police, military and professional athlete training. After some time, it became popular among sports lovers and today it is a big fever.

Among the activities that can be performed are aerobic exercises, weight lifting, gymnastics and core training. They take place inside the so-called box, which have a lot of space and little equipment, because, in crossfit, your body is the main tool.

The sessions are of high intensity, lasting from 45 minutes to 1 hour of exercises that occur every three or even five days of the week. And be prepared for surprises, because there is no routine, training varies frequently. And it’s worth keeping a diet and diets focused on this modality .

Crossfit slimming or defining?

What crossfit does is lose weight and tone up. That is, it is possible to lose weight by improving physical conditioning at the same time. In a 60-minute class, for example, you can burn up to 1,000 calories if you train intensely.

Weight loss is due to the exercises used in practice, such as jumping, jumping, pushing tires, jumping rope , doing push-ups, squats, movements like the thruster , which move the whole body, in addition to sit-ups and all kinds of movements possible in the form of a a circuit that vary in each class.

Already toning, a great attraction of crossfit, is very efficient for those who do not want to do weight training in the gym. The high intensity of training is responsible for optimizing the time for each sport, ensuring that the body goes to its limits and lives in constant improvement, gaining more strength in a healthy way.

Crossfit or gym: which is better to lose weight?

If you have this doubt, know that both can help with weight loss. The choice is very personal, so look for the environment and equipment that will be most comfortable to motivate you in your goal.

Crossfit is known to be faster in weight loss, as its workouts focus on intense repetitions that really accelerate the process and bring quick results in burning calories and gaining muscle mass.

It is best to consult friends who do crossfit and gym and try to compare results and experiences, as each body has its own way of losing weight and gaining mass. There are still food issues, which need to be light and healthy, as we mentioned.

Other health benefits of crossfit

Performing physical activities improve the health of the body and mind, and CrossFit would be no different. Practice improves mobility and flexibility, increasing range of motion and facilitating the execution of various practices. This happens due to the repetition of movements in classes.

As we have already mentioned, the training is very intense, which helps with physical conditioning, eliminating exhaustion and effort to perform other exercises and also making activities increasingly natural and fluid.

Crossfit also releases endorphin, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, substances responsible for our mental and emotional health, considerably improving symptoms of stress and anxiety.

And finally, it’s fun. Training is always a new discovery and a new challenge with unusual equipment and, with the right choice, a motivated team that will help you in your search for results and permanence in your new lifestyle.