What to do in Texas Top 10 Things to Do

The second largest state in the US, Texas is nicknamed the “ Lone Star State ” for its former status as an independent republic. Adding to the traditional Texas culture, immigration has made Texas a melting pot of cultures from around the world.

Texas has left a strong mark on national and international pop culture. The entire state is strongly associated with the cowboy image shown in westerns and country music.

Among the tourist attractions in Texas, the following stand out: Texas State Capitol, San Antonio River, Big Bend National Park, The Alamo, Houston Space Center, South Padre Island, Dallas Museum Of Art, Fort Worth Water Gardens, McFaddin-Ward House and Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Check out the top 10 tourist spots in Texas!

texas flag under USA flag
Texas flag under USA flag

Texas State Capitol

The Texas State Capitol, completed in 1888 in downtown Austin, is the seat of the offices and chambers of the state legislature (House of Representatives and Senate) and the Government of Texas. Designed in 1881 by architect Elijah E. Myers, it was built between 1882 and 1888. The Texas State Capitol stands 302.64 feet (92.24 m) tall, making it the sixth tallest capitol in the state.

San Antonio River / San Antonio River Walk

This busy walk lives up to its name. Running so close to the calm San Antonio River you feel like you could walk into it. The walk is lined with restaurants offering festive outdoor food, music, shopping, festivals and concerts.

Big Bend National Park Texas

Known for its wide starry skies and temple-like canyons, West Texas’s Big Bend National Park is one of the most enchanting parks in the USA. In addition to being one of the most remote parks in the state, it is also the largest: over 324,000 hectares. Mountains and canyons carved out of limestone create an incredible contrast to the weather-beaten Chihuahuan Desert.

The Alamo

Site of the famous battle of the Texas Revolution and the most visited landmark in the state, the mission and its grounds are accessible through multiple tours and interactive exhibits.

Houston Space Center

The educational complex explores the spaceflight program through ever-changing exhibits, featuring 400 artifacts (including the largest collection of moon rocks in the world) and exceptional excursions, such as Level 9,

South Padre Island

Windswept dunes beckoning with coastal grasses form the scene on this barrier island that runs 182 kilometers along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The gentle surf makes this a prime spot for saltwater fishing or swimming, and you might get lucky and see one of the island’s white-tailed deer or hare.

Dallas Museum Of Art

Known for its educational programs, lectures, and exhibition policy, the DMA has an impressive collection of over 24,000 works of art, among them a vast collection of contemporary works and a substantial collection of Decorative Arts and Design.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

This oasis in the middle of downtown Fort Worth, designed by architect Philip Johnson, is a modernist landscape of vortex pools and futuristic angles.

McFaddin-Ward House Museum

The McFaddin-Ward House is one of the last large-scale Beaux Arts colonial-style residences in the area. The house is large at nearly 13,000 square feet, with three stories, seven bedrooms, two dining rooms, a library, a music room, and a large porch. The house has been fully restored and decorated with furniture and items from the original house. A horse stable and lush gardens planted with azaleas and a variety of roses adorn the home’s gardens.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

This honey-colored ridge formed 250 million years ago is actually a rare fossil reef. Explore its remote beauty through rural camping and hiking, or grab your binoculars, bird watching is great here.


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