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Armored Cars UAE πŸš™ πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺ

UAE residents increasingly prefer armoured autos (UAE). Owning an armoured car is often recommended due to rising violence and organised crime. Bulletproof or armoured cars protect their occupants from harm.
Armored Cars UAE
This type of vehicle is becoming increasingly popular in the UAE due to the country’s recent security issues. In 2014, armed militia from Yemen attacked a UAE Embassy in Berlin, Germany. That same year two UAE citizens were killed in an attack on a hotel in Libya. Although these incidents occurred in other parts of the world, they have heightened the awareness of the need to protect oneself while travelling.

Armoured cars in the UAE are used to protect those travelling to and from the country’s various oil and gas fields. These vehicles are equipped with bullet-resistant glass, reinforced steel frames, and advanced security systems designed to keep the occupants safe even in the most dangerous of environments. The vehicles are also designed to withstand small arms fire and explosive devices, such as grenades or rockets.

The types of vehicles used in armoured car UAE fleets vary greatly. The most popular include luxury SUVs, sedans, and limousines. Many of these vehicles are customised to fit the owner’s needs, with features such as armour plating, bulletproof windows, run-flat tires, GPS tracking, and bullet-resistant glass.

Armored Cars UAE
Armored Cars UAE

The cost of an armoured car in the UAE can vary greatly. Depending on the level of protection and customisation desired, prices can range anywhere from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dirhams. In addition, the cost of insurance, and maintenance of the vehicle must be taken into consideration.

In order to purchase an armoured car, one must undergo a thorough background check, and provide proof of financial stability. The vehicle will also undergo a thorough inspection to ensure it meets the standards of security set forth by the UAE. Once approved, the vehicle will be registered, and the owner will be given a certificate of ownership.

The UAE also provides a range of services for those wishing to purchase an armoured car. Companies such as Aegis Armoured Vehicles and Al Khaleej Armoured Vehicles offer a comprehensive selection of armoured vehicles, as well as the necessary training, and maintenance. They are also able to provide advice on the best vehicle for the specific situation, as well as the best security measures to ensure it is fully protected.

Armoured cars in the UAE offer an invaluable service, providing protection in dangerous, and unpredictable situations. Whether travelling to a remote oil field or simply driving around town, armoured cars give the peace of mind that comes with knowing one is safe.
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