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Agriculture in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a highly productive and important economic sector. As one of the world’s most prosperous nations, the UAE has made significant investments in modern agricultural infrastructure and technology, creating a dynamic, and productive sector. The UAE has achieved a high degree of food security in recent years, and the government has worked to promote agriculture as a major economic sector. This article will provide an overview of agriculture in the UAE, including its history, and importance to the economy, agricultural practices, and technologies, and the current state of the sector.
Agriculture In UAE


Agriculture has been an integral part of the UAE’s economy for centuries. The nomadic Bedouin people practiced subsistence agriculture, mainly raising animals such as camels, and goats for meat, milk, and wool. The introduction of the cultivation of dates marked the beginning of organized agriculture in the region, and dates remain a major agricultural crop in the UAE, alongside other fruits, and vegetables.

The development of modern, large-scale agriculture in the UAE began in response to the nation’s rapid growth in population and wealth in the 20th century. The government established several agricultural projects and initiatives, including the establishment of the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Livestock Company and the formation of the UAE Ministry of Agriculture. With the help of foreign aid, the government developed modern irrigation systems, introduced new varieties of crops, and established agricultural research centers.

Agricultural Practices and Technology

Due to the extreme climate of the UAE, farmers must rely heavily on irrigation techniques, and technology to maintain their crops. Traditional irrigation techniques such as flood irrigation are still used in some areas, but modern irrigation systems such as drip irrigation and sprinklers are also used. Modern agro-technology is also employed in the UAE, such as precision farming, and the use of sensors and smart farming technology to monitor soil, water, and crop conditions.

Agriculture in UAE
Agriculture in UAE

To make the most of their limited arable land, UAE farmers use a variety of agricultural practices and technologies, including intensive crop rotation, and the use of greenhouses and hydroponic systems. In addition, the government has encouraged the use of modern agricultural practices such as integrated pest management and the use of biopesticides.

The Current State of Agriculture in the UAE

The UAE has made significant investments in agriculture, which has resulted in a highly productive, and technologically advanced sector. The country has achieved a high degree of food security and is among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of food imports. The UAEs agricultural sector accounts for more than 4% of its gross domestic product, and the country is a major exporter of agricultural products.

The UAEs agricultural sector is facing several challenges, however. Water shortages, soil salinity, climate change, and pests are major concerns for farmers. To address these issues, the government has implemented several initiatives, such as the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Agriculture Strategy, which aims to promote sustainable agricultural practices. The government has also invested in research and development to improve agricultural productivity and the efficiency of water usage.


Agriculture plays a significant role in the UAE economy, and the government has invested heavily in modern agricultural technologies and practices to ensure food security and promote the sector as a major economic contributor. The current state of agriculture in the UAE is highly productive, and the sector is well-positioned to meet the challenges posed by climate change and other environmental issues. With continued investments in research and technology, the UAE’s agriculture sector is likely to remain a major economic sector in the coming years.
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